H20 Extreme The Movie: A Man’s Struggle To Make His Dream A Reality

Life is full of contradictions and surprises indeed. You will never know what destiny has in store for you but if you want something really bad and work hard enough to get it, you might just end up getting more than what you expect. That is the sub-theme of H2O Extreme the movie. Plus the usual round of plots with twists and turns. Although, the movie is given more praise for the many water sports it features.

It is the story of a man’s constant struggle to deal with inner conflicts. It is also about making choices and the strong resolve to do whatever it takes to achieve it. It is a battle between man versus the power of nature in a sport that is extremely dangerous and physically demanding. Plus the added bonus of a love story behind all the action is not bad either.

H2O extreme: the movie is about a young man named Austin Roberts as played by a young actor named Chris Carmack. He plays the role of a star hockey player and during one of his break from hockey training, he decides to go back to Cypress Garden Adventure Park to visit his long time friend Greg, who is a water ski enthusiast and rediscovered his passion for the sport.

Together, they spend the whole summer doing water sports for fun. He also meets and falls in love with Ashley. In the process of playing his old favorite sport, a desire is rekindled and he begins to entertain his old dream of competing in the H2O extreme championship. The movie has a beautiful and exciting story with great entertainment value especially for people who enjoy extreme sports.

To be able to compete, Austin had to undergo a lot of physical training in preparation for the competition. He recruits the help of a boat driver named Crash who taught him all the tricks in order to win and beat the guy at the top.

The story revolves around the sport called water skiing which is an extreme sport that requires a lot of tricky moves and aerial acrobatics involved. The water scene is quite exciting and anyone who is into water sports and daring aqua adventures could easily relate to the physical demands of extreme sports and what an athlete or a player has to go through in order to keep in top shape.

Some of the supporting casts for the movie were people who are into water skiing or hockey players in real life so the scenes were very realistic and the actors were very convincing in their respective roles. Cypress Garden Adventure Park was a good choice for the water skiing scene.

It is located in Florida and is famous for its various rides, exhibits and its beautifully manicured garden featuring some of the most beautiful flowering plants of the south. This gives a more realistic feel to the movie while inadvertently showing of the cool blue waters in the state. This is movie is deemed a summer flick which both men and women can enjoy.


H2O Extreme Highlights The Dangers Involved In Water Skiing

Water skiing is an extreme sport that requires a lot of discipline and practice in order to excel. It demands a lot of work to hone the skills of the individual both on land and on water to be able to pull through with the techniques. Sometimes, the skier has to endure a lot of injuries and spills before being able to master a certain trick (even a product like luminess air is unable to help) and then moving on to the next trick which is even harder and more physically demanding.  It is not a cheap sport either. The logistics of the sport requires a lot of expense and the equipments that are used have to be top quality to give the best performance and protection to the player.

Water skiing presupposes good swimming skills because the sport is played in deep waters. Spills and accidents are likely to happen more frequently than other types of water sport and for this reason, the skier must have at least the most basic skills in swimming in order to avoid drowning. Safety is of utmost concern and the skier is never allowed to ski without the support and assistance of other people around to watch out for his safety.

Aside from the skier, the sport also requires a good boat driver who knows how to maneuver the boat safely during the twists and turns and at the same time keep a close eye on the skier in case he falls off the line. There is also a “spotter” who stays on land and keeps in contact with the boat driver to alert him in case the skier falls into the water. These three people should have good contact with each other so that accidents can be avoided.

Water skiing is not just a hobby, it is a competitive sport. There are several types of skiing techniques for people who want to indulge in the sport professionally or in high stakes tournaments. The several variants of the sport include show skiing where an individual or group of skiers perform tricks and acrobatics while skiing. This type of skiing is what we often see in water sport shows or tournaments held all over the United States. The players are proficient water skiers and undergo intensive training prior to joining a show skiing team.

Other type of skiing involves racing and slalom skiing competitions. Racing involves a number of water skiers who try to outrace each other around a set course. The race is dependent on the element of speed and a few tricks to come out faster than the others. Slalom racing involves racing with a special type of slalom ski and demands agility on the part of the skier to maneuver the single board and maintain balance while speeding through the water.

Water skiing as a sport is still growing and developing. More and more people are getting involved with the sport and young people are even more adventurous in trying out new tricks and acrobatics in order to score higher points. Although the sport is regarded as highly risky, it remains very popular among extreme sport enthusiasts and has even attracted foreigners who come from all over the world to challenge American water skiers in many competitions.


The Lure Of Water Sport Is Irresistible To Everyone

H2O Extreme the movie not only draws attention to water skiing as a sport, it also draws attention to other types of water sports that are equally as challenging and demanding as water skiing. They are just as popular too and the adventure parks are enjoying lucrative business during summer when everybody is on the beach having a good time with friends or family.

Water sports can be separated into 2 distinct categories depending on the surface where it is played. It can be on the surface or above water such as swimming, water skiing, wake boarding, water polo, surfing, para-sailing, rafting or other similar kind. The sport evolves according to the associated level of excitement that it offers. Many are attracted to it especially during summer breaks because the water is cool and the lure of adventure is irresistible.

Water sport can also be underwater such as recreational diving, synchronized swimming, snorkeling or a combination of surface and underwater sport such as springboard diving or water ballet. There are those who indulge in water sport simply as a hobby or a form of recreation. But there are also those who are seasoned athletes who play the game to win and also to bring honor to the country. Then again there are those who indulge in water sport partly as a hobby and partly as part of their job or their profession such as scientists and researchers who scour the sea floors to discover new things. Others do it to explore the sea bed for mining, salvaging operations or for geodetic surveys.

Whatever purpose it may serve, the important thing to keep in mind is that water sport is a game where man pits his talent against nature and nature is not always a graceful loser. For this reason, safety is of utmost concern and an individual wanting to indulge in this sport must take lessons in basic safety before jumping into the water. It is equally important that places offering this kind of sports should have lifeguards and rescue teams on hand all the time to safeguard against loss of life or limbs.

People are attracted to extreme sports because it poses a challenge to one’s capabilities. It is very demanding and as the amount of risks goes higher, the more people are attracted to it. The player is like a moth being attracted to the flame. Indeed, it is a perpetual cycle of experiencing the sweetness of victory and the agony of defeat. One is never contented with just a few wins but to aim to be the best of the best.

Nonetheless, water sport is an exciting game. The prospect of winning over others in competition is both exhilarating and addicting to sports enthusiasts. The more adept you are in the sport, the level of challenge also continues to climb so that one is never satisfied with meager gains but will always work harder to aim for the top. It is but human nature never to be satisfied with merely playing the game but also winning. That is why extreme sports like water skiing will always be popular. In fact recently the beauty company no no hair removal has been running a sponsorship program as part of their “Summer Splash” to help wannabie new water skiers to get there foot on the ladder. You can get more information about this program by going to their website.


Cypress Garden Adventure Park Lends A Beautiful Backdrop For H2O Extreme The Movie

It is a joy to spend summer near the water or spend a weekend at the beach enjoying the sunshine and swimming in the cool waters. People flock to adventure parks especially around Florida because there are so many attractions like water shows featuring dolphins and sea lions. There are also adventure parks with rides and water sports where young people can indulge in a little challenge competing with one another and showing off their skills in water acrobatics.

There are many adventure parks all over the southern parts of the United States but Florida is the most popular because the adventure parks have everything that tourists would like to see and enjoy. It also has a wide list of resorts and hotels that offer fair prices for families and weekenders who want to enjoy sightseeing tours and playing water sports. For that reason, Florida is dubbed the water skiing capital of the world because most of the adventure parks there have water skiing facilities that offer lessons in skiing and other kinds of water sports that are suitable for people of all ages.

There are many hotels and resorts that offer a great deal on special packages for honeymooners, weddings, family vacationers and many others who come to Florida looking for some exciting and memorable time. You can have a great time going on sightseeing tours around the city and nearby beaches or having a quiet and relaxing moment at the spa. If you are looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush, you can also try the adventure parks and enjoy the many thrilling rides that will test your endurance and stamina.

One of the most notable adventure parks in Florida is Cypress Garden located in Winter Haven, Florida which is famous for its water skiing facilities. It is also the setting for the movie H2O Extreme where a young hockey player spent his summer competing in water ski sports. The place boasts of many amenities including a botanical garden featuring the different beautiful flowers of the state.

Cypress Garden is an amusement park complete with roller coaster ride and an animal zoo that features reptiles and wild animals. But it is most famous for its lush garden with an extensive collection of flowering plants that surrounds the whole landscapes, world class water ski facilities where the rich and the famous spend their summers skiing and of course, the ever lovely southern belles and handsome young men dressed in confederate uniforms.

It is no wonder that Cypress Garden Adventure Park was chosen to provide the setting for H2O Extreme the movie. It is a wonderful place worth seeing and exploring with all the entertainment facilities those tourists will surely enjoy. Since it was opened in 1936, the park has been the favorite setting for a lot of films and television commercials because of its beauty and its facilities. Despite several changes in ownership, the adventure park remains the top tourist destination because it reflects the genuine Florida brand of hospitality and culture.


H2O Extreme The Movie Features Ice Hockey And Water Skiing

If you are searching for a movie that has all the drama, excitement and romance all rolled into one, try watching H2O Extreme the movie and enjoy more than 90 minutes of pure adrenalin rush and heart pounding drama of extreme sports. It is a movie that young people can easily relate to and sports lover would surely enjoy watching the action packed scenes being played out both on ice and in water.

Austin Roberts, the main character in the movie goes to Cypress Garden in Florida to visit an old friend and rediscovers his old passion for water skiing. He spends the entire summer doing something he really likes and decides to join the H2O Extreme championship with the help of his friend Rick and a boat driver named Crash. The majority of the scenes were shot outdoors on the water that made Florida famous all over the world and also on the ice rink featuring the hockey games being played.

Watching the movie, one cannot help but make a comparison between the two sports given the fact that they are both fast paced and physically demanding and it is really difficult to tell exactly which one is more exciting than the other because the film maker did a very good job in giving them equal exposure.

Ice hockey is a game that is played on ice using a stick that serves as a bat to hit the puck. It is a team sport and requires many players battling against the opponent team to gain control of the puck and drive it into the opponent’s net. It is a full contact sport and requires players to wear protective gears in order to avoid severe injuries on important parts of the body.

Ice hockey is popular in areas where there is sufficient snow such as the northern part of the United States and Canada. It is also popular among European countries such as Russia, Finland, Czech Republic, Latvia and other cold countries where year round temperature can sustain the ice rink from melting. Since the invention of indoor artificial ice rinks, ice hockey has become a year round event and has gained worldwide following among ice hockey fans all over the world.

Water skiing is a sport that can be played either by one person or a very small number of skiers riding on a flat board that skims on the surface of the water. The object of the game is simply to gain a higher point against an opponent by doing difficult tricks or acrobatics on the water. Water skiing is a popular sport in warm regions where the temperature is relatively hot and the summer months are long. Unlike ice hockey, the players wear minimal clothing and protective gears consist simply of a life vest or jacket to keep the skier afloat in case he or she loses balance or falls into the water. Water skiing is not a contact sport and the game is based mostly on the level of difficulty and skill of execution of different acrobatics.